We aim to help and educate seniors living with chronic ailments on how to self-manage their health by communicating directly with them.

Many patients in this country do not get the benefits of chronic care management designed exclusively for them. Part of the reason is low awareness of the significance of CCM, time, cost, and unwillingness to enhance their health.

The situation has arisen because of certain loopholes in the current healthcare system. However, we have identified those gaps in care management and services to deliver the best care to our patients.

Educating the Patients

One may believe since chronic disease patients are the ones suffering, they know every aspect of their health. Well, this is a grave misunderstanding that we need to clarify.

Despite your conditions, you should fix appointments and consult a care team because they will look at your medical history, current treatments, and family history through their medical lenses.

Following this, they will devise a care plan for the future, leading to a better-quality life!

Fostering an Environment of Collaboration

Chronic care is indeed a collaboration between the healthcare team (personal trainer, dieticians, educators, and physician) and patient team (caregivers, workplace, social net, and the patient).

We, at AdvantagePlusNurses, establish a partnership right from the first appointment. Apart from staying in touch with you through phone calls and emails, we manage your future appointments and personal care needs.

Our team reinforces sincerity, respect, reassurance, and commitment to building such strong partnerships.

Setting Realistic Goals

Personalized care management shouldn’t have to feel like attending the principal’s office and getting your performance evaluated.

Our nurse practitioners set realistic targets for you to achieve. That being said, you should feel comfortable in acknowledging your shortcomings and failures. We work on those tiny setbacks without letting the disappointment creep in.

Through mutual respect and trust, we can ease your suffering while boosting your overall health and wellbeing!