Our goal is to minimize emergency hospitalizations, frequent visits to doctors, and deliver quality care to patients.

The care management services offered by AdvantagePlusNurses are not about achieving a specific metric. It’s rather about encouraging our patients to make healthy lifestyle changes.

When it comes to chronic disease management, our approach has always been patient-centric. Such a holistic viewpoint is the key to ensure your wellness. Our care team is thus your companion in the journey towards better health.

Chronic illnesses have become widespread and expensive to manage. While Medicare covers certain care management components such as free of cost annual wellness visits, achieving desired health outcomes has been challenging.

Incorporating Healthy Behavioral Changes

One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to encourage patients to incorporate healthy behavioral changes. For that purpose, we listen to your priorities and needs. Together with our nurse practitioners, you set practical life goals.

Instilling healthy behavioral changes requires reminding patients about the unfavorable consequences on their health. We don’t educate you to keep your health first before your job or career goals. However, we assist you on how you can accomplish both!

Case Study 1

Suppose you are someone fighting obesity but working towards becoming a public speaker. We will introduce you to public speaking classes and encourage you to start participating in public forums.

This way, you don’t have to spend your day reading about public speaking. Instead, you become more active as well as work towards achieving your goals.
As a result, you don’t end up prioritizing one thing over another!

Case Study 2

Many seniors don’t have a caregiver and end up feeling lonely and depressed. That mental condition aggravates due to their chronic condition.
In such a case, we take measures such as helping you join a community of like-minded people. However, we discourage you from unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and offer you counseling if you need to get rid of that!

Because “keeping you well is our goal!”