With a personal health record system, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Your electronic health record is a crucial part of chronic disease management. It facilitates empowerment, education, and engagement of patients. Regardless of your current location, you will access these medical records due to our digital solutions.

To optimize chronic care management, the personal health record system (PHRS) can act as single point access for yourself, your caregiver, and professional healthcare providers. Therefore, PHRS ensures continuity of care in chronic disease management.

Simplifies Patient-Provider Communication

How does PHRS facilitate communication?

Setting frequent appointments without evaluating your concern may cause unwanted wastage of time. While this approach works well with acute care management, it may worsen the patient’s condition in case of chronic care management.

This is where PHRS comes into play. It allows secure and direct communication with your care provider, thereby enabling timely intervention!
Besides, it enhances the patient-provider relationship.

Promotes Family Health Management

Your caregiver, whether it’s your spouse or any relative, works in tandem with our team of nurse practitioners, counselors, dieticians, and physicists. Therefore, they are also given access to your medical records.

This way, they can track your health data and update the record on your behalf. Apart from that, PHRS improves coordination between your family members and our care team at AdvantagePlusNurses.

Ensures 24/7 Availability

Since your medical record is accessible online, it doesn’t matter if you are at home or traveling; you can access the data regardless.

This serves another benefit. In case of emergency during travel, you and the caregiver can immediately contact our team after accessing your PHRS.

Improves Patient Engagement

The major part of chronic care management operates outside the clinical settings. It includes monitoring your vital signs and your progress with our care plan.

Through PHRS, you can observe how much you have improved over time, thereby enhancing patient engagement!