Seniors and older adults dealing with life-altering circumstances such as being diagnosed with chronic disease tend to slog through their life – through no fault of their own.
As crippling and exhausting chronic conditions can be, gaps in our healthcare system increase the burden instead of improving seniors’ quality of life.
For this reason, many chronic disease patients may opt to stay in their homes. AdvantagePlusNurses offers remote patient monitoring services to support their decision.
If you are a caregiver, there are some things that you can do as well!

Let’s take a look at 5 tips to improve seniors’ quality of life:

1. Help Them Feel Independent

The thing is – everyone wants to feel needed and important. While it is true that you have to help them with certain chores, they need to be as independent as possible.
Ask them for help, even if it is just for folding laundry. Simple activities like these will make them feel valued and offer a sense of fulfillment. However, take care that you don’t hand out tasks that could be too overwhelming or potentially dangerous for them.

2. Offer Security & Comfort

One of the ways to improve the lives of the elderly is to make them feel secure and comfortable.

Aging is scary for anyone, especially for those living with long-term ailments. They need a familiar environment where they have spent most of their lives.

You guessed it right. Seniors feel most comfortable and secure when they are around their communities. They just need assistance to carry on daily activities in their homes.

Creating a safe and warm environment is key to optimizing older adults and seniors’ quality of life.

3. Monitor Signs of Depression

Over 6.5 million seniors across the United States suffer from depression. That staggering number is the result of traumatic events such as losing a spouse or even medication side effects.

A significant cause of that is loneliness. As caregivers, try to be around them as much as possible. Besides, you must recognize the signs of depressions, such as:

• Feeling of worthlessness
• Fluctuations in weight/appetite
• Lack of motivation
• Problems with sleep
• Memory and concentration problems
• Emotional numbness
• Constipation

If you notice such symptoms, get help from a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or doctor.

4. Schedule Family Visits

One of the most important tips to improve seniors’ quality of life is to coordinate family visits. Spending more time with the elders can work wonders for their mental health and their overall zeal for life.

Patients who are lonely and isolated have an increased risk of dementia. Try to persuade them to attend holidays, graduation, and birthday parties.
Apart from that, they can volunteer with charity organizations, communities, and the church.

Engage with their hobbies or take up a small, fun project together. Something as simple as preparing meals with the patient can lift their spirit as well as yours.

5. Stay Connected

There are times when you have to be away from the one you are taking care of. For improving the lives of the elderly, you should stay connected with the patient regardless of where you are.

Frequent communication is crucial to ensure that they are doing okay. Besides, it will make them feel secure and happy.

Strange how dots connect, isn’t it?

If ever there is an emergency, you can immediately get in touch with a care specialist or the primary physician.

“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Pretty accurate!

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