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Managing Chronic Needs of the Aging Population

Advances in medical sciences have tremendously improved life expectancy. Between 2000-2016, approximately 5.5 years were added to the average global life expectancy. Even though it differs significantly by the region, human beings live a lot longer than they did almost three decades ago. Naturally, in their later years, people need value-added, high-quality medical care. Many seniors develop chronic conditions that…

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Reassessing the Importance of Chronic Care Management During a Pandemic

Care management is vital to prevent chronic disease exacerbation, more so during the COVID-19 outbreak. It has gained paramount importance given the fact that seniors are in the high-risk category of contracting and possibly succumbing to respiratory disease. Immunocompromised patients living with serious conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, severe obesity, and liver disease may face more complications due…

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