Professional caregivers are entrusted with attending to the needs of seniors. Apart from that, they foster a bond with them, at times becoming a part of their family. For this reason, choosing the right caregiver for your loved one becomes an important responsibility.

Seniors often spend a significant part of their later years with professional caregivers, which is why family members should find someone who will treat them with love and kindness. This blog post thus explores the five must-have qualities of a caregiver.

1. Integrity

It’s not uncommon to encounter somebody who may take advantage of vulnerable patients with their dishonesty. If they have no integrity, the on-record training and experience don’t matter much.

You have two alternatives here. You can either hire an agency to find a professional caregiver for your aging loved one or run a criminal background check before hiring someone.

2. Professionalism

There is no set definition of professionalism. It comprises actions that are deemed appropriate for a person while they are working. For instance, using respectful language and treating the elderly with respect is a mark of professionalism.

Setting professional boundaries is also one of the essential skills of a good caregiver. That includes not getting overly attached to the patient. While there’s nothing wrong with forging a bond, they shouldn’t accept money and gifts from the elderly.

Apart from that, they cannot violate boundaries by doing tasks that are not part of their job description. When in doubt, they should consult a family member or a supervisor to determine what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

3. Patience

When talking about the qualities of a caregiver, the importance of patience cannot be stressed enough. A great professional caregiver should be very patient with the seniors. If the latter has dementia, their personal needs can cause frustration for the caregiver.

Finding someone who doesn’t panic in a difficult situation and can manage their emotions is essential. Sometimes, the patients can be angry or demanding. Even so, the caregiver should comprehend that the loss of abilities can trigger such a response, and it’s not personal.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility to adapt to changing situations is what makes a great caregiver. The patient’s clinical needs may change. In that case, the professional caregiver should be able to change course and be open to patient feedback.

The needs and wants of your aging loved one never stay the same, which is why flexibility is one of the must-have qualities of a good caregiver. Given that the response is within their scope of responsibilities, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Besides, the patient and caregiver may have different personalities. If the former is quiet, the latter may be outgoing. If you cannot find a personality match, the caregiver should adapt according to the senior’s personality and not the other way round.

5. Optimism

With chronic illnesses and frequent hospitalizations, the situation can be rather grim for seniors and their family members. For this reason, hiring a professional caregiver with a “can do” attitude can make a huge difference in their lives.

Apart from that, optimism is essential to improve functioning and encourage a better mood for everyone involved in care. Inspired by such positivity, seniors try more challenging to become better.

This becomes crucial if the elderly are pretty dependent on their caregiver, which means that the latter’s attitude greatly influences them.

To Sum Up

Finding a great professional caregiver can be no less than a challenge. It takes a lot more than just training and experience to be one. In fact, many capable caregivers do not have a formal education but the desire to care for patients with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Even so, you may not find someone “perfect,” but the traits mentioned above and the skills of a good caregiver would help you hire the best one for the elderly.

At AdvantagePlusNurses, we have a dedicated team of professional care specialties that can assist your aging loved one in times of need. Besides, we ensure that we assign the best personality match for seniors.

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