Transitional Care Services is a Medicare benefit?

Keeping you well is our goal!

Post-discharge is a vulnerable time for patients, with 1 out of 5 getting readmitted within 30 days, according to statistics. With or without insurance, skilled care can be very costly and, not to mention, depressing. Being confined inside the four walls of a skilled facility room can hurt not just physically but also emotionally and mentally, among others. However, most readmissions are totally avoidable with proper and individualized transitional care.

Medicare now covers transitional care services for patients that are discharging from a hospital, skilled nursing, or rehab facility.

The purpose of this service is intended to improve patient care post-discharge and ensure each patient is transitioned back into the ambulatory setting with their primary care and/or specialist provider thus reducing the likelihood of readmission or rehospitalization.

Using our highly-qualified and experienced transitional care managers, we help you have a smooth and safe transition from hospital to home, followed by proper home care to reduce the risk of readmission within the first 30 days of discharge.

The Care Manager helps you navigate and coordinate the transition during this stressful transition to home. They’re here to help increase your access to healthcare resources, coordinate the appropriate use of those resources, improve compliance to your medication regimen, prevent an unnecessary readmission, and improve your overall healthcare satisfaction.

Your Care Manager makes sure that the post-discharge equipment and services arrive and are on time and help to arrange transportation to your follow up visit with your primary care physician.