Our patients achieve increased self-reliance in personal care management through regular communication, collaboration, and innovative solutions.

Timely Interventions – Saving Patients’ Lives

Most patients living with chronic illnesses face urgent hospitalizations due to deterioration in their condition – more often than patients suffering from acute diseases. There is a decisive time gap between the onset and hospital admission, which is lost in CCM’s absence.

Patients benefit from care services offered by AdvantagePlusNurses by quickly contacting our care specialists. They assist patients 24/7 whether they have an emergency or a slight suspicion regarding their health condition. Apart from that, the team would also swiftly schedule the patient’s appointment with the primary physician.

As a result, patients feel supported and cared for even if they have no caregiver. Many of them feel anxious about taking up the doctor’s time for ‘small’ reasons. We counsel them on how not to feel restless about their concerns and how they can contact our team anytime they want. With time, they find comfort in knowing that someone is there for them all the time.

Improved Mindset – Staying Connected

One of the most immediate positive changes that patients observe is in their mindset. Through periodic phone calls with our team, patients become more mindful about their health and thus focus on improving it continually.

They find these phone calls “reassuring”. It fits well with our goal at AdvantagePlusNurses, which is keeping you well. Moreover, they call them “good and timely health reminders”. By receiving education and counseling, they determine what they should and should not be doing in self-care or personal care management.

It is because a significant part of care management works outside of healthcare settings. Adherence to diet, exercise routine, and medication requires the patient’s active role and engagement, and molding the mindset makes it possible.

Another important consequence of regular communication is that it avoids unnecessary visits to the doctor. Care specialists over a phone call can address many of the concerns. Therefore, patients feel they save a substantial amount of energy and time by registering themselves for CCM.

Achieving Desired Clinical Outcomes

Patients experience enhanced health outcomes by leveraging our innovative solutions. They use an interactive mobile application called MyHealthRecords and tablet-compatible software to send readings of their vital signs every day.

The cloud-based, secure, and intuitive application also serves another purpose. Patients utilize them as a secure messaging service to connect with care specialists at AdvantagePlusNurses.

Besides innovative technological solutions, the proactiveness of patients is key when it comes to chronic care management. They are the ones who measure their vitals and send them to our team for further assessment.

This approach dramatically simplifies chronic and preventive care management. Patients living with conditions such as chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HIV-AIDS, depression, hypertension, and Alzheimer’s learn to improve self-management through continued collaboration with our care specialists.

Establishing Mutual Trust

When patients keep switching between different care settings, they find themselves in some kind of never-ending loop. They feel as though they can never share their thoughts and feelings with any care provider.

For this reason, we assign a dedicated care specialist to every patient. That care specialist will be responsible for attending to their care needs and staying connected with them anytime time of the day and any day of the week!

Effective care management works on establishing mutual trust between the patient and the provider. While this doesn’t happen overnight, our team gradually achieves this through sustained collaboration and regular communication.

When patients talk about how they became more self-reliant in managing their health condition, we take it as our success!

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