We employ the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, for our cloud-based mobile and web application solutions central to remote care.

Most cases of chronic ailments necessitate remote health monitoring and remote care. Technology has empowered patients to check their vital signs and transmit the readings across miles to their doctors and caregivers.

With every new technology raises new concerns regarding the privacy and security of patients’ data. Our responsibility is to protect your medical records, which primarily comprise information such as mental conditions, disabilities, and ailments.

To create your care plan, we will collect your personally identifiable information such as bank account numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and of course, names.

Have a look at how we take care of your privacy and security concerns:

Two-factor Authentication

The traditional username/password method does not offer bulletproof security.

Hence, we incorporated the two-factor authentication method during the development process, which requires a username/password and the SMS code.

Apart from that, our mobile and web applications feature biometric authentication, for which you will have to register your fingerprint.

SSL Technology

Your personal medical information is continuously transmitted between the server and mobile application.

To ensure that your data is not vulnerable during such transmission, the application encrypts it using the SSL technology. That way, a hacker will never be able to access the information even if they intercept it!

Compliance with Legislation

A crucial part of maintaining privacy and security is legislation compliance. Our legal team has ensured that we stick to the requirements of PIPEDA, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Any changes in the legislation are promptly updated and informed to our patients.

Automatic Updates

Our skilled team of developers regularly tests the applications for errors and bugs. This includes techniques such as penetration testing, data security testing, and network security testing.

Timely and automatic updates thus minimize any risk of intrusion by malicious actors.

Stay confident!