We work to optimize patients’ physical and mental health with multiple chronic ailments and achieve incredible health outcomes.

There are several benefits of chronic care management (CCM). Not only does our primary care team offer 24/7 support but also prepare a comprehensive care plan for you.

While we recognize that CCM is not meant to be a cure, it can significantly enhance your social functionality, cognitive ability, physical health, and mental well-being.

Why not live a life that you desire instead of being a prisoner to the disease(s)?

The above line summarizes the whole purpose of care services offered at AdvantagePlusNurses.

Comprehensive Care Plan

To achieve optimum physical and cognitive ability, we draw a comprehensive care plan for the next 5-10 years. Besides, we conduct an environmental assessment to ensure that you have the resources required to meet your life goals.

This care plan is accessible by individuals involved in your care, such as family members and other care providers. Our team creates a list of problems you are facing while living with the disease(s).

After careful evaluation, we lay down expected outcomes and measurable treatment goals. If needed, we order community and social services that can help expedite the process.

Apart from that, we handle the coordination of care between healthcare settings.

What Would I Observe?

Through our comprehensive care plan, you will observe decreased hospitalizations, reduced discomfort, enhanced mental peace, and longevity.

This is achieved through timely detection and intervention. We monitor the fluctuations in your vital signs and update your treatment, which prevents a more serious issue.

Every year, we revise your care plan by comparing your current medical status with that of the preceding year. This way, we try to stay ahead of time.

Living with a chronic illness shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing career goals, staying fit, and experiencing peace of mind!