AdvantagePlusNurses is reshaping care delivery using embedded support, next-generation technology, and tailored solutions for patients living with chronic illnesses.

About AdvantagePlusNurses

A patient-centric ecosystem is what AdvantagePlusNurses has been focused on ever since its inception. We aim to enhance the patient experience by raising care standards, creating workflows, and using technology. At the center of care management is the crucial provider-patient relationship.

AdvantagePlusNurses care for seniors living with chronic ailments such as osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, asthma, and mental health conditions. Our company serves as a collaborative platform for both patients and care specialists. Better care efficiency and coordination are what we strive to achieve every single day.

We are headquartered in Canoga Park, California. AdvantagePlusNurses serves seniors from not just California but across the United States. Such is the feature of our remote monitoring services and transitional coordination. The convenience of patients, payers, and providers is the basis of our care platform.

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, thanks to advancements in technology. Our rapidly building applications utilize technology to make remote care accessible to even patients living in far-off locations.
We understand the nature of urgency with chronic diseases. Frequent hospitalizations are not uncommon. However, regardless of whether you have a caregiver or not, you can contact our care specialists 24/7 through a phone call. For this reason, we always assign a team member who caters to all your urgent care needs and queries.

Chronic and preventive care management is a two-way street. We offer top-notch care, and in return, you coordinate with us by taking your medications on time and following our care plan religiously. That said, it’s natural to fall back sometimes, to take a break, and restore your strength.

What we should remember is that it’s essential to pull through and bounce back every time!

What We Do

Our care solutions are tailored according to individual needs and wants. We invest time to understand your concerns and apprehensions about your condition. We at AdvantagePlusNurses review your medical and family history.

Besides, when you schedule an appointment, we review your medications and update them if deemed necessary. Our team of care specialists will make a comprehensive care plan for the next 5-10 years. We set realistic, achievable targets for you and keep track of your progress.

Every information about your health is maintained in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that you can access through the MyHealthRecords app. It’s a cloud-based application meant for transmitting your data (vital signs) from your device (tablet or phone) to our patient monitor.

The care providers will guide and motivate you throughout your journey to reach your goals faster. Chronic patients often receive treatment from multiple care specialists. This is a big loophole in the system because it exerts physical and mental pressure on the patients who should be away from stress as much as possible.

Hence, we coordinate your transition between hospital to home or vice versa. Our team monitors all your appointments so that you never miss one!

Through your continued association with us, you will observe that you no longer have to visit your doctors that often. Apart from that, emergency hospitalizations will almost come to an end owing to daily health monitoring and timely interventions.

Two-way communication, and not just targets and goals, is what we utilize to make you an active part of the care plan that has been designed for you. The decision-makers at AdvantagePlusNurses continually work towards addressing the gaps in the healthcare system to offer high-quality care.

“Keeping you well is our goal.”